We all have these barriers,
That instantly when someone sees,
The size or condition of each other’s,
Will be on edge or maybe at ease.
Is it safe for me not to be content with a lack of yours?
I mean if we didn’t agree where would that lead?
Us encroaching each other’s spaces,
I mean, I fail to see the need.
Can you imagine if my family,
Wondered in and out and on your lawns,
Because they preferred your angular persuasion,
And If I didn’t agree, it would leave my family torn.
And what if you researched,
How to grow your lawn with more feed.
And you spilt some onto mine,
My family might love it, just no need.
So you see this simple structure,
Keeps us all in, just right.
We all know our compartment and place,
Let’s just keep with offence so I know where you are at night.