A source of light and the comfort of heat,
Your words caress beyond my labyrinth,
Until they reach my inner sanctum.
We are still fresh and new,
This stellar love of galactic proportions,
Infinite safe space to expand our thoughts and dreams.
Yet we already worry that the light will fade,
Warmth to white heat then cold,
Our eternity together shifts to mortality.
Is our love so blinding and significant,
That it will consume all around us too early,
Are we that dying red giant star?
But the move from yellow to red,
Will outlive us, by a thousand years.
We were the architects of our love limitations when we met.
So let us become draughtsmen once again,
No boundaries, no limits, no reduction in speed.
Increase the passion to gas mark 10, to Mach 10, over to the moon and back again.
We will stop looking up at the night,
Wine glasses in hands, beyond the stars in search of meaning,
When we possess our future in our every kiss, sensual lips barely touching our soft necks, as we inhale each other, to keep the heart full once again