Reckless precision.
Serrated, torn,
Berated, scorned.
I walked willingly to your prison,
I tried but could not walk out into the yard.
Feckless incisions.
Whipped, lashed,
Soul, slashed.
I amputated my heart to save repetition.
I am mute and unable touch another.
Deftness commission.
Abused, trodden,
Hidden, Forgotten.
I pray for my nerves fail to transmit, and also abscission.
I find peace in the shade and temporary solitude.
Helpless addiction.
Gripped, compressed,
Elated, depressed.
I try to fix the abuser, as it heads for perdition.
I finally permit its death as I unveil my last green shoot which thrived in my roots.
I will sustain passion one day.