Are we quorate?

The loss of one’s community,
The shard and splintered unity,
Beleaguered, they sink a fraction lower,
Bad fortune repeats, their energy slower.

As the masses lose the will to cope,

Consumed, blinded the loss of hope,
Which groove fits body, soul and mind,
What influence ceased being so kind?

Is desperation new, or an ever-present stealth,

The spiral rusty staircase of the world’s mental health?
On stormy icebergs, secluded, their connection is collision,
Drifting, deluded, a planned last breath is no decision.
So free your brain from the Facebook stream,

a vacuous lacuna veiled connections so it seems.

Seek out a no feed, no ads, no profiled mind.
Not this clutter, white noise, unconnected comments that are blind
So eyes open, embrace the rocks, you brave Spartan carriers,

The compassion warrior spirits, hacking at your barriers,
They’re there to be seen, standing tall, no shadowed enigmas,
The crutch to you in need, no shame and no stigmas.

Pitch thoughts in ink on the decommissioned notebooks, and think
Get those benevolent words heard, across the classes

resonate a message in the cavity of the masses,

What is the bloody message, what can I offer apart from one word…connection?!

So Pick up your instrument, pencil or inspiration charged brush,

reach out, pour out, connect

, release the crush

, you lion-hearted libertines, You Prosecco poets

you extra-ordinary people will connect, you just won’t always know it

Don’t fear the looks, don’t fear the comments and don’t fear their dread!
I’m just an ordinary guy but trust the good that’s in my head

Wanting to now be a positive influence

With every interaction with no interference

And believe this as you stretch, for a saviour draped in armour,

That they were once where you are, but their lives are now just calmer.

As someone reached out, that person made a stand.
So move towards the light, and don’t lose grip of that warm hand.