Happy Birthday sister!

My Boudicca since birth.

Handing all you had to me, at first sight.
Your tender age allowed but one possession.
Regardless, selfless, you gave you, to me.
Iceni and all of your worth.
With every fall, your prompted catch.
Your eyes recharge my energy.
Only you fathomed my expressions, my afflictions.
Effortless, priceless, your touch, your elixir for me.
Locked in, you picked the latch.
Maid of Orleans, your radiance blinding,
Armour, soft, warm, perfumed and safe.
Personified symbiosis.
Fearless, doubtless, your belief forever protected by me.
Your power, untamed yet unwinding.
With every mistake I make, you appear,
Never to judge, the infinite reminder.
A reminder that errors, form character.
Nonetheless, fatherless, you carry me to your plate.
Effervescent memories with no fear.
The Earheart to my Bader, skies now touched.
Faultless dreams are mapped.
Love is consistent, persistent and light.
Irregardless, possessionless, you carry me and leave all you value behind.
Reflection I now love, even if smutched.
Your two score and ten of compassion,
Stored, awaiting your brother.
When perfection is felt, the flower briefly opens.
Frictionless, symptomless, your tears never lost in the rain.
Petals will close, but your energy is stored, your endless belief, your passion.