Meet and greet

What does friendship look like,
How does it feel against the skin?
The climb into our hearts, but a small hike,
The ingredients that shines the soul.
The unannounced visit from friends we love,
The unrestricted decibel level from childrens laughter.
The reunion, their kind hands to our welcoming gloves,
Face breaking smiles, lighting paths for miles.
No rules, no frills, joggy pants no make-up,
No airs to fake, no graces to judge.
The friends that never break-up,
The no-plan days where anything goes.
Time is cruel every time we meet,
We block out the end of day.
The hands march a regimented double-beat,
But slow during tearful goodbyes.
As we drive away we will talk,
About moving nearer, homes and work.
Life quickly smudges the blueprint of chalk,
But the hearts quickly fill with planned re-unions.
(Copyright) Pedro Bat Poet 2018