Politically cruel

Politicians…I really don’t like some politicians
Ok..if I retract that and say that what I don’t like is the…strange way
That you follow your hearts at the very start
And one by one as the power increases your social conscience just well…decreases
You appear to step up like Simon of Cyrene
but your cross is painted polystyrene
As you add no context to your role in life, lost links with people so disconnected
Too often ignoring the lives that your decisions affected.
So what was that attack on those who have nothing, oh yes…the universal tax credit debacle,
You know it would be more humane if you turned up at their door, whip in one hand and in the other shackles!
You see I know you’re out of touch with those who pay their taxes,
I mean your offices don’t email but still deal in faxes!
No joke…when I was an Asylum lawyer, a Bail hearing needed as someone was in jail,
I couldn’t book it by email or phone, a fax was needed so I could get this guy home.
So that all important common sense gene appears to have gone when you stopped wearing jeans,
And had to adopt the dress code for your job, smart suit, skirt or dress,
But what comes with this attire, is the gargantuan mess,
That you all create in your need to be first, not right but first,
This greed is perpetual as it quenches your thirst.
But you see you are all in a safe place here in Britain,
The cups of tea, back room moaning, committee knitting groups and whispered bitching.
You rely on your voters with our passive neutrality,
Location is your safe station, you’re lucky we don’t have the French mentality.
To stand up, take to the streets when power abuse commences.
However this is Britain and you’ve got so many to sit on fences,
And look at either side of the garden to see which manure looks more inviting
It matters not as whichever party we choose you’ll implode with in-fighting.
As a fan of humanity there’s always been a clear choice to be made
When we look at who we entrust our futures with, who calls a spade a spade.
But New Labour even took that away in 1997, as we hear Keir Hardie turning in his grave up in heaven.
So to re-address the balance we have gone back to extremes – far right or far left
Whatever your choice we all know they are going to leave us bereft.
You have given me a different choice in Scotland
A group of people who are not beige and not bland, but again they don’t wholly represent me
As they too are agenda focused on picking all fruits from all trees
So I have an idea, which will hopefully stop BREXIT landing us with a thump
Because I can’t take any more embarrassment as May is viewed the same as Trump.
I mean the leader of the free world walks with toilet paper on his shoes,
And our fine figure head’s dancing simulates that of a sick Emu.
We need to start with a change of name as Politics just isn’t working
As we all envisage a pervy old man, rainmac no clothes..just lurking.
To pick apart my tired dead corpse once I’ve worked my-self to the bone
And after taxes have gone to this dirty old dude, you’re lucky if anything I earned goes home.
Let’s start with calling it Duty of Care Officers, admitted…it has no ring,
And yes it’s not sexy as Minister, but here is the amazing thing, with a name like this it will force you to do exactly what is says on your tin.
What you were meant to do since Cromwell won, and changed this nation forever,
What you were meant to do for people from Dover’s chalks to Scotland’s Heather.
Now I don’t care if you’ve had a privileged background or one that’s maybe more grounded,
We don’t measure the cut of someone’s cloth, but we do if we feel we’re being hounded.
And that’s what has happened for too long as you’ve gone after the disabled, disadvantaged and sick
These people have so much to offer, but you bleed them and cut them to the quick.
We are better than this, and you all are too, this is why you don’t work for big cash,
So break free from your roles and create a new wave of people who don’t need to be brash.
So I am here try and stop the inevitable wave, the tsunami of austerity which is near,
To ask for an end to all parties at once and let’s start again in the New Year.
You all jump into the same boat, and grab an oar and row,
Because the 60 million people beneath you are tired and the time has come to say no.
Once we see the wake from your boat starting to increase in size, you will hear the hammering of nails and wood being sawn and something will start to rise.