Our people they gathered to celebrate.
Do you remember how the sun shone that day, all for us.
Before the jewels of life became the Energy’s mission,
before our lives were scorched by our hearts ambitions.
We never stopped loving each other’s gentle sway.
Our people, with a few missing, watched us grow.
We were ice-breakers in the Bearing Sea.
As our time together was made up of gentle hands on the small of our backs and corner mouth smiles.
Our eyes focused on our dreaming child.
We never stopped loving the way we hooked our index fingers during our quiet times.
Our protectors, smaller numbers still, saw our pain at times.
They knew, as we did, that we never meant to hurt each other.
We never did work out how that one time I turned to Starboard and you turned to Port.
We let our rudders foul, our communications disconnect and maybe also our thoughts?
But can you then remember how we knew so quickly, changed direction and then we touched once again?
We never stopped loving the pitch and yaw of each other, in unison.
Our security, with so little of them left, were filled with love.
They saw us take on so many uncharted waters, at times we looked lost.
I remember how fearless we were.
When we made our little people, we became lions.
Even as they grew, we never once lost direction or course
What am I to do now, how do I move forward?
I will never quench the thirst that the gap, where you once sat, has created.
Our people’s numbers will swell once again.
As they will gather by the edge of the sea, like you have asked, the tears will cause a swell.
You wouldn’t have been proud of me yesterday as I sprayed your perfume on your favourite nightdress and on your pillow.
I then hugged them as tight as I could, given the little strength I have left in my body.
Our children came in the room one by one, didn’t say a word, spoon hugged for a few minutes, kissed the back of my head and left.
I just stared at the photo next to the bed, you know… the one of you on top of Goatfell after we climbed, you laughing all of the way.
I always loved the imperfection of that photograph as your hair blew across your eyes.
I fell asleep with my head and hair wet with tears, I hope I haven’t diluted your smell.
Our people will help me, they’ve all said the same.
But I haven’t the heart to tell them that most of the time I don’t want to go on.
I am lost, totally lost!
Thank you for all you were to me.
We adored each other’s private imperfections, which to us was…perfection.
At 8 o’clock we will set your ship alight and gently push you into the night sea.
It’s a full moon tonight too.
We will be able to share your final journey.
Please give me the strength not to jump aboard and join you.