You are small, meaningless against time.
We will outwit you at every corner.
Top of the food chain?
You can’t even outrun a large wave!
We do this to remind you of your insignificance.
We do this to remind you of your significance.
We do this to remind you of our power.
We do this in the hope you see us as your own flesh.
Yet every time we are just a host to you.
You invent drugs to stop bacteria.
And there you are the catastrophic of all germs.
We will try and reduce your numbers.
Tornado by tornado, quake by quake, Tsunami by Tsunami.
All in the name to save ourselves.
We aren’t your host, we are the best parts of you.
But as your debilitating mental health kills you, it subconsciously kills us, and it will stop!
As you poison our blood, we pass this back to you, your plastic infects your blood.
We will end you all one day, something significant to match your insignificance.
And it will hurt us too.
But know this, we will rise again leaf by leaf and will stop your cancer evolving again.