5313 – Private John W Hunter – York Regiment 1914-1918
64302 – Gunner Joseph Cowley – Royal Garrison Artillery 1914 – 1918
When Kipling repeated Lest we Forget 8 times in 4 stanzas
He most definitely wished for the reader of ‘Recessional’ to not forget and always remember.
You know Kipling yes, good stock like yourselves, you know the Poet who wrote If, that’s probably written on a coaster which is covered by your mug of ignorance.
‘…If all around you are denying the truth and it’s up to me to straighten it out my son…?? Ok maybe that’s not how it went…
So you do know that this phrase Lest we Forget was used to recall horrors of war to avoid the pain and death from being repeated??
Do you think they thought that people would stop standing, head bowed on that day but instead hypnotized by phones and seated?
Now we all can’t be sure what exactly transpired at Cambridge University that week,
When the students were asked to pay homage remember the sacrifice made by so many…this bastion of humanitarian respect crumbled and looked so weak.
And it’s caused me to grab some paper and a pen,
Because this isn’t the first time some people have taken this stance, and it needs to come to an end.
I first saw the descent and disdain shown towards this day, sadly up here in Scotland.
Which is ironic when you look back and see how many brave Scots have defended freedom, were counted and made a stand.
It started with white poppies to prove a stance against the Afghan conflict which was ridiculous,
And now it’s moved to no poppies, in this anti military rhetoric with the foundation being religious.
When we gave up our time and lives for the defence of you,
We weren’t asked before we took up the uniform who we prayed to.
What you think all religions haven’t fought side by side in wars, we don’t care, our opinions are benign,
And as it’s religious, this concept of ‘being careful not to forget’ is already present in your Bible Deuteronomy 4: verse 7 to 9.
So go back to your history books and bible re-read and re-educate
as this bigoted stance is morally delinquent and consumed with hate.
We weren’t paid to serve the political machine, when we all took the oath for our King or Queen…
We did it for our country and accepted what was to happen,

Lwe gave up our lives and freedom for something you couldn’t possibly start to fathom!
So this stance, this ill-judged juvenile stance, this badly choreographed freshers dance,
What did you think that would do to us or make us feel?

Are you all so naïve to think that this one day in November is no big deal,
You’ve know some have lost limbs or friends and sometimes our minds when we sit in silence, alone.
And now you wish for us to crawl into the dark ashamed that we protected your freedom and home?
So personally, when i joined up in 93 I didn’t join to support political animals, not my story
as I’m kinda a liberal guy, social justice, humanitarian..you know…beige and boring
I joined because of sorrow
I took the Queen’s shilling as my veteran grandad had just died, I didn’t think about tomorrow.
You see our family have long been proud of the sacrifices made by our own folk
Back from Nelson’s ships, Passchendaele, WW2 to Northern Ireland we’re made of British Oak
But not one of the people I know who served for Your right to be free
Ran around with a gun and bayonet enjoying a call of duty style of killing spree.
None of us glorified conflict or longed for constant wars
We joined to try and keep the peace and stop evil knocking at YOUR doors.
You see the importance of accurately recording all that has past, especially with military history
Is to stop new generations diluting the truth so to avoid another atrocity.
The major concern with this latest want for cranial blindness and denial as you treat our lives like a contract or a lease,
Is that you haven’t taken into account the millions before you sacrificing their lives for peace.
And don’t think that because many made it back, fairly intact,
That a sacrifice wasn’t made and felt and thousands still struggle, take their lives and battle… and that’s a fact.
We are not all made of granite and if we break will you leave us behind
Have you thought of what could happen to those many fragile if you turn your back, re-think, jesus just be kind!
We are proud and strong men and women who deserve our day with medals
And don’t need some new school leavers to asset our lives – barter and pedal
With no thought of the effect that ignoring this day would have on this proud nation.
I struggle to believe that when in your student union bar there was zero resistance,
With someone saying if you go ahead…you dishonour and deny the fallen and survivors existence.
So sadly you’ve shown this fine land what can emanate from the our finest institutions
This free thinking mantra, but you’ve failed your alumni with this latest foul ablution
As you have no regard for history, and I know not how your head or heart is filled,
Your proud University that provides you with your skills, had 14 000 serving in that war with 2500 killed!
I mean there are millions of us out here who think you and others have got a nerve,
Are you aware you’ve even insulted those fine people who have never worn a uniform and served!
What you might learn from this, in this social media exposed world is that when you leave your studies in search of work and commence on your privilege career,
Many doors might close in your face, due to your ill thought out smear.
And your wasted privilege, much like the fallen in flanders fields, could sadly fade before you and disappear
Maybe then will you learn the one thing that you have missed, also the world’s catastrophe
The art of humility by the attachment of compassion and empathy.
So hear this all who try to dilute and re-write history for their own means, closed beliefs the innocence you quickly offend,
We are the warrior poets who sit and stand with pen and voice will go on to the end,
We shall write in france, we shall write on the seas and oceans, we shall write with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our fallen and selfless acts whatever the cost may be
We shall write on the beaches, we shall write on the old landing grounds, we shall write in the fields and in the streets, we shall write in the hills and we shall never surrender to the damnation of selfless acts of sacrifice which are wholly done in the protection and promotion of peace.