What if – a poem about hope and perception

What if the tides came in all at once,
The ebb just stayed and the flow didn’t go.

What if the wind then swept your path clear,
Corralled the mistrust, the cobwebs and rust.

What if the sun shone that day, its brightest of all days,
And lit you up to guide you and not in vain to hide you.

What if it rained into your core, that fine rain,
That eroded all your furrows and diluted the concentrate of sorrows.

What if the songs and posters you normally ignored,
Burst to life in relevance to connect, and save apparent neglect.

What if that horn sounded just for you,
As you walked oblivious, consumed by what is tedious.

What if you got home and made that salad,
And all in the draw was fresh, as you savoured the earth’s sweet crisp flesh.

What if you’d always been noticed,
Within a chance from a million places, in a sea of a thousand faces.

And what if you saw them and opened your mouth,
And all that they heard, were perfectly timed words.

So what if you took back your sanity from those,who claimed it as their own, now you had bloomed and finally grown.

What if you saw them spin in a ballet of chaos,
A vanishing haze of contorted souls, who were always lost amongst the shoals.

What if once, just once you realised,
That the universe for you was aligned in perfection, and despite false perspective you deserved some affection.



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