Carabids – a poem exploring language and issues that have no value but still divides us – the antithesis to that of the existence of carabids in the eco-system

Confession, act 1 of your concession,

Procrastination, nemesis to emancipation,

Alienation, our lonely abdication.

Perdition, submission to religion.  

Repetition, widow to reputation,

Anticipation, pilgrim to hesitation,
Austerity, shame of democracy,
Delusion, oblivious in our confusion.  

Bacteria, we the inferior,

Precipitation, warden to extinction,

Infection, tragic development-connection,

Vanity, society’s main insanity.  

Depression, life’s hard compression,

Equality, misinterpreted as frivolity,

Seclusion, dirty friend to collusion,

Progression, spiralled torn obsession.  

Mobilise the English language,
With poetry, prose and rhyme,
Into battle, we turn the masses,

One inspired reader at a time.


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