Jolt – a poem about staying ahead of the game

What is it that we search for, hope for, live breathe and base our life from birth for?

We read it in magazines and watch inspirational misfits on youtube tell us what not to ignore.

Well for me and maybe others, I need this feeling more and more as my clock hands spins at a speed red hot,

As my value subsides and the world is tied in knots.  

So what makes it bearable, the knock backs, disappointment, the bad luck all a by-product of my making,

Decisions that externals so often factor in, but should be mine for the taking.

Well it’s simple in my eyes to see, that this is the feel good factor that all too slowly rises,

Which allows me to ride the bad waves of life, as I adopt my happy disguises.  

The feeling on hearing a new Attenborough series is about to air on a Sunday.

Immediately takes the sting from the tail that is work on a Monday.

The Saturday morning, eyes open a crack, phone checked I laugh and boast,

That the only stress this morning is making fresh coffee, with poachies and thick buttered toast.  

Another fine moment is one where, longest day behind me, a tea is made,

Dive into the biscuit barrel and find a chocolate one, hiding in the shade.

So these tiny moments of happiness, makes the heart indeed at times…sing,

But there is far more out there to enjoy, let’s unpick it, let’s begin. 

It’s the comforting smell of fresh cut grass,

it’s the sun’s divine display dancing through stained lead glass,  

The gentle way your children hold your hand, when happy or afraid,

The warm feeling inside, your lover’s glance and smile was just then made.

Melted chocolate dripping off a hot marshmallow,

Or the warm sea kissing your feet in the Caribbean shallows.  

It’s reaching the top of your hill after climbing with your friends,

Savour the destination, clean air, the moment, ignore the pending end.

Walking down the street, sun-shining, emptying the head,

Passing a bakery and filling the lungs with freshly baked bread.  

My kids feelings when their kittens cuddles up for hours,

And being a hero-den-building dad when the troops all stays at ours

Pancake Sundays morning, with a table full of folk,

Knowing that our home is a love built of solid oak.  

Hearing the first 2 bars of your favourite happy tune,

Going to your nan’s for lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

Taking a stranger at first sight, with trust and such belief,

Then not letting each other down, smiles and never grief.  

Hearing from a stranger and she’s heard that you can help her,

Then achieving her belief as you feature in her adventure.

Reading the Sunday papers, on Sassoon and Mr Owen,

Then as you put the kettle on, your brain jolts as you form your next big poem.  

Glad you paid attention when at school, history, you didn’t falter,

As you help your kids with a school project, and build an Anderson shelter!

So a few examples of what makes you tick and sometimes tock,

ignoring all the hands on your own body clock.  

So the glass is always there and if at times it feels half empty,

Grab an example from this list, you know there’s lots…there’s plenty!

And get that glass topped back up, so your pill goes down with ease,

Because you need to smile and hold onto warmth, you know anti-freeze.  

Own space is always good, but we need each other when not so glad,

To make you laugh out loud with joy, providing shoulders when you’re sad.  


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