Ramblings of Recovery Series 1 – The Drop – a poem about threat

What the world sees is a beast, apex alpha, driven, Focused conditioned primed. What i see is defective yeast, a cake that’s never risen, Throatless mute mimed. Thoughts, irrational irritants grow, Counsel insights epiphany. That caught me off guard, it showed, Unravelled exposed tyranny. As plates collide in random mode, Friction heat breaking. Man and crane change land to code, Integrity strained aching. Failure opens lava from beneath, Scorched soul encore. Extrusive remnants shrinking belief, Life bruised sore Exit the danger of falling rocks, Precision impacts planned. Forgotten time on discarded clocks, Authentic passion damned. Woken up with fire and blood, Body head affected. Run afar, less could more should, Mirrors positioned refracted. Wilderness walks in the bush I’m lost, Pressure slowly sifted My soul being torn not worth the cost, Power weighed gifted. A path now found that’s paved with words, Warm, kind, reasoned. Vultures all replaced with birds, Resilience, freshly seasoned. (Copyright) PedrobatPoet 2022

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