Inspiration – Where’s mine

I rarely if ever hear the words, “That person there…now that is an inspirational leader!”
Who do I have to inspire me, standing before the info-hungry masses….their main feeder,
For ideas and direction and guidance and advice,
In the search for good times by being authentic and well…nice.
So what has happened to these great people in two thousand and eight,
Are we the unfortunate ones, generations too late?
Why did we have the leader of the free world being some quasi-member of the KKK and miss out on the magic of JFK?
So if anyone is out there to lead us out of the dark and speak up,
Will the real slim shady please stand up!
Because right now when I look at the news with 100% extremist views, I can’t help but feel we’re out of luck.

So MLK was literary gold,
who had a dream, which grabbed the keyboard world to show,
That love and peace, really is the only way to release,
The oppressed and downtrodden, and societies forgotten,
The centuries of historic shame,
perpetuates to prolong the pain.
Madiba stood up to bring an end to Verwoerd’s cancer of social pollution,
Which wasn’t too far from the Final Solution.
So my generation, who do we have now, to hold on to, to respect and embrace?
I thought Aung San but with a blind eye and bloodied hands she sadly fell from grace.
So it seems as though through oppression, hatred and unnecessary hurt,
We have always honed some superb script writers,
who pen the most inspirational and amazing work!

You see there are people like me who often turn on youtube to see,
Clips of inspiration film lines captured to perfection.
It goes back years too with Chaplin’s old collection,
Which led to the Great Dictator speech which then became a reflection
Not of what we wanted in 1940 at the height of the second world war,
But in the 50’s and 60’s and through to now and so so much more.
A few good men came much later, a scene from a genius writer’s pen,
The amazing speech in protection of the weak and not to be aloof,
To make that stand, so you too can well…handle the truth.
Al Pacino took us twice to a place, which saw us compliantly embrace,
The importance of honour and integrity, with a side portion of dignity.
In Scent of a Woman a vessel for sea going snitches, was a hit!
Then learning that there is no prosthetic for an amputated spirit.
More inspiration Al delivered again in Any Given Sunday.
As we agree that life is made of inches, from Monday through to Sunday.

Jeff Daniels made his stand many times in Newsroom as he dared,
To go off piste with sorority girl, which left us punching in the air.
Our hearts dropped as we nodded with all that he did mention,
As he left the room to ponder, you could cut the air with all the tension.
Martin Sheen delivered one too, with his West Wing bible speech delivered with calm and never rude,
Which took apart the failures of religion to society in just 3 minutes and 42
You see the saviours of our future days will be…well you!
You who is inspired by music, inspired by words and inspired by speeches,
Not frightened by power, big lies and parasitic profit leaches.

So take up your phones and film, add music, edit, post and Picasso,
To call out evil, highlight your ‘Guernica’ and lead the world to show,
the horrors of what we really need to negate, then film the beauty of humanity and all that we can create.
You see Michael Caine said the famous line in Batman The Dark Knight,
And as we repeat it, we know it represents just some of the world’s plight,
As the news is a stream of evil and our stomachs always churn,
As we sink a little chasm-deeper with lone shooters and dictators who just want to watch the world burn.
And Heath Ledger was a genius Joker who’s evil was psychedelic and delirious,
That inspired a thousand images on skin with…Why So Serious.

For deeper meaning film lovers out there searching for sun when there is no summer,
I’ll finish with the cult film and impact lines from the first Bladerunner.
As Gaff looks across at Deckard, two cops, the local fuzz,
He delivers “Too bad she won’t live but then again who does!”.
And we all know how these lines relates to us, our code on earth, our own mortality,
the importance of love, balance, ethics and our own family unity.
Until we reach Roy’s final moments in the future, one wet day,
A life filled with adventure, kindness, peace…the modern way.
In the hope we grabbed life and ran with it lived true and caused no pain,
Hoping that all these moments we created won’t be lost like tears…in rain.
With droplets cascading down our face, we fall asleep one last time,
And as our grip loosens, dove flies our spirit free….Time to die.


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