Integrity – a poem on the same

I thought they all cared?
We were told they did, and all we did, mattered.

Missing needles from compasses of morality, smelted into a processor.
The pandemic – speed of their viral negative, into your positive.
Why do I continue to launch the boat, simultaneously driving nails into the keel?
The lights they glare with the noise I create,
Resonating across the horizon, no-one looks up.
Any that do, it’s a cursory glance, with fleeting care, evaporating upon creation.
Those needles, millions now missing, fashioned to react to a tap and a swipe,
The guilt I feel, immeasurable, my blood, dna, privacy exposed.
Toxicity permeates, radiating hate with expert seamanship.
Teens, navigate these Nazare waves.
With Horatio’s precision and a sloth’s nonchalance,
Naïve of the horrors, dreamt up in the ivory towers of every city.
Places where we safely consumed the pearls of the revered, with unquestionable guidance.
Our future at base camp, panning for truth, searching for the sparkle.
The task akin to searching for the cardamom seed with a cracked chopstick, in a ton of rice, blindfolded!
In reality the world has always been lost, from Passchendaele to Pichu
Our lives, they ease, with peace, with goals, with hope and community.
The challenges are there within a thousand mediums.
Set to convince us that we are dissatisfied and lives

Set to convince us that it is not as good as it should be.
And our potential is hindered, a stones throw from depression and yet the biggest depression links to fading hope.
I no longer sleep like a hibernating bear, a recurring theme in every dream, as our thoughts betray the reality.

Why won’t they listen,

I thought they all cared?
We were told they did, and all we did, mattered

Copyright PedroBatpoet 2021

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