Keep your monkey – a poem about integrity

Empty for a night, snap out, snap in, darkened and safe, pedestals topple crushing soapboxes, my passion appropriated, claim taken, ground with a stake in, irony lost, my anger the focus, light plays across teeth, danced on eyes, words flail, porcelain syntax, shattered to the ground, your intention clear, your monkey goads, amongst broken shards, angles left acute, ruthless edges poised to expose nerves, no pills to pass, ills to bask in, my reaction rationalised, fuck you!

Empty for a day, one trigger, no more, energy evacuated, integrity cracked, attacked, clumsy conversing, broadsides of opinions, shore-side civilians, sails strafed, shredded, bilges overflow with pitch and yaw, rocks smash the keel, luxury the three-hour sleep, eyes close in conflict, re-open in conflict, ablutions in conflict, dressed in conflict, absolute in conflict, exit, remove and armour, a day to calm, my reaction rationalised, fuck you!


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