Britain’s bottle – a poem about weak leadership

I’ve never lost mine…and it’s careless if you do, in this world of recycle, keep fit, get on your cycle and go vegan! I want it to stay put…

Which it needs to, in this world of judge me judge you, get your opinion out there whatever the damage, but don’t expect it to be heard.

So, two people who haven’t lost their bottle, but who affect mine, are Putin and Trump,

Who not satisfied with the smooth road of life as they continue to build barriers and humps.

As they dance the waltz around the Crimea, a foxtrot in Syria and now a rhumba over Nuclears.

And the worrying thing is, as I live in this dilute the news to soften your views, we’ll dumb it down for you facebook-crack clowns…., is that this is hardly MAKING news.

In the 60’s when the Cuba missile crisis was in full flow, do you know people in the UK, if a bomb dropped knew exactly where to go.

If a bomb was dropped right now, on the edge of your city, you wouldn’t hear panic and screaming,

You know fine there would be thousands standing, Ray-bans on…filming and bloody streaming.

Experts for years have all too often warned of the negative effect of shoot ‘em up video games,

Numbing the sensitivities which gives us compassion, empathy, I mean the games…we have something to blame!

Don’t we?

Of course not, this isn’t down Activision, Volition or Rock Star, trying to influence the shape of the world from afar.

They are just filling a gap to corner a market and make absolute money,

We are bright people and know the difference between bacteria and honey.

So as the power dance unfolds and the world has become numb and far less caring,

Of atrocities, bad behaviour, happy with fights, because for their life…this has no bearing!

The leader of the free world announces that he will rescind on a major peace pact,

That stops the stockpiling of long-range nuclears which will lead to a ‘My pile’s bigger than yours..fact!”

31 years this treaty has stood, and all the while it has done much good.

I mean it stops missiles being launched whose ranges are between 300 and 3400 miles,

Which ensures the longevity of a Russian, American, European and Far Eastern child!

Where is the UN’s intervention to calm down two men who thrive on contravention?

With two mammoth egos dictating this living death, quasi Baader-Meinhoff intimidation.

This is a repetition of the same stance that these two always take, yet here I am penning this in yet another wake,

Of more news about something so big, and it’s just in, but at work I heard more colleagues talk about the lady which threw a cat in a wheelie bin?

Britain, WAKE UP, you are sleep walking!!

You’ve stopped thinking, questioning and critically talking.

You know the news is too often biased, makes up facts and simply lies,

As amazing and on-point as he is, isn’t it a shame we get our facts and views from the character that is Jonathon Pie!

Satirists are the justifiable lynch mob of all political wrongdoers, and we need to give them airtime,

But as well as this, we need our own opinions, and to give them more credit, militancy can be fine!

If you are fighting something which cuts against your own grain,

That would possibly incense you to be chained to barbed wire and railings in the rain (familiar)?

You remember those women who had a bee in their bonnets and something, who can forget!!

They did the same for what they believed in…who were they again….oh yes THE SUFFRAGETTES.

I mean c’mon people we have a history of EVENTUALLY doing the right thing,

standing up for all that we, in time, thought good,

From legalising same-sex marriage, votes for women’s to abolishing slavery because we knew we should.

Or are we actually closer to how the world perceives UK?

These ex-colonialist, empire hunters, culture-crushers who are morally far from OK.

And deserve all of the bad that comes to us, as when things look rough we historically head for the exit,

And we’re repeating it now with some wind in Victory’s sails with the mess we’ve all dubbed BREXIT.

But no-one here believes democracy is undermined if we went for a second ref vote to get us out of this mess,

When we all know the first one was only won due to a lie about the NHS.

So please UK, wake up wake up and set that alarm for 06.00 a.m,

Because the seas we’re heading into, if you’re not on the bridge will lead to Spanish Armada style mayhem.

We need to alter how the voice is heard and a change in accent and translation,

Because the current model has us back in trenches, the wait for the whistle with sombre anticipation.

We are the Immigrant British after all, and know where we all want to go as one,

And being a beautiful myriad mix of a hundred plus races,

We aren’t governed by our inflated egos we all bring from different places.

So let common sense prevail, abolish all parties and make just the one quite soon,

An ethical dictatorship as it were, we just need a catchy nom-de-plume!

Because it sounds like communism which is pretty bad and also something nasty that Libya once had.

But maybe…just maybe this once great engineering and industrious nation needs to think outside the box!?

The answer for the UK could be clear and for us to just create a series of communes

Where we all become self-sufficient, a community, abolish currency and whistle a different economic and fiscal tune.

Mortgages scrapped, what’s the worse that can happen then cancel all external debt?

When we embrace our sister and brothers from a nearby village and start to barter with veg and bread.

Our chief export would be, how to live a more simple life with peace and acceptance being the things you’ll see.

With happiness and balance being the language of choice and our non-exploitable, but please do plagiarise, future currency.



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