A lost year

I lost a year, last year
Just went, as I lay there stuck in the sand
Calloused hands, skin thick, deformed from the weight of my forehead
Too occupied with providing a cradle for my cranium to start digging through soft grains

I lost a year, last year
Just disappeared, as I sank deeper into motionless living
My scarred mind, sick with over-thinking, about behaviours and the why
Too full of wasted lumps of morphing masses that shaped themselves into unhealthy living

I lost a year, last year
Just happened, as I worked at the same pace
My energy though, went from grape to raison, my vineyard ran dry
Too many, languished in safety and inebriated from my production, left my once fertile land, en-masse

I lost a year, last year
Just stumbled off the edge, the weight became too much
My shoulders and arms relented, the sunset giving more comfort than a sunrise
Too heavy, I dropped myself off the cliff, accompanied by an unwelcomed push from familiar hands

I lost a year, last year
Just now does it all make sense
Not lost, more misplaced, yes, I abandoned my year last year
Too important, my love for life, I took myself away to breathe, to walk, to find myself once again

I found a year, this year
Just as I closed the door to descend the cold concrete stairs
I turned to notice my loved ones, friends, angels and sparks to my fire
Too loud with their love, I had blocked their belief, and there in the corner my year sat, my tutor, my savour, proud of my journey

PedroBatPoet © 2022 http://www.pedrobatpoet.com


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