We are all unique

We are all unique

Is there a path that is wild and not trodden,

Food for free souls, beautifully sodden,

Devoid of white noise and fear?

Is there a chord to be invented,

By a musician saturated, demented

Plagued with the challenge of being unique?

Is there an opinion yet to be cast,

Not dividing us all on rafts,

As we struggle with being indifferent?

Is there a play that’s yet to be acted,

Fire and passion, never redacted

Dissolving greed who own the limits?

Is there an adventure, new and bold,

Scaring the young, igniting the old,

As they count back the years that are left?

Is there an angle yet to be computed,

Vision to the blind, noise to the muted,

Releasing ambition that’s dead in its tracks?

Is there a poem yet to be written,

To warm the beleaguered and jaded frostbitten,

Which flattens the hackles on prickly backs?

The answer is yes to all of the above,

As we believe our hearts deserve passion and love.

Each mould we study, then break apart,

Admiring their finish, inspiring our start.

PedroBatPoet © 2022                                    www.pedrobatpoet.com


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